1880 believes that where diverse minds gather, great ideas bloom. This exceptionally comfortable club provides a salon space to meet, connect and relax, a restaurant that turns into a bar at night, an all-day dining restaurant, and Mei, a spa and grooming space.  


67 Pall Mall

Founded by wine lovers, for wine lovers, 67 Pall Mall is housed within a Grade II Lutyens building, and neighboring St. James's Palace. Located across three floors, this stunning club offers its members a place to meet, socialize, host private events and enjoy the Club's fine cuisine and unrivalled wine list, with almost 500 wines available by the glass. 


Allison V. Smith

Giant, July 2016

Allison V. Smith worked as a photojournalist before pursuing fine art photography. Giant, July 2016, McCamey, Texas is an excellent example of Smith’s twenty-year exploration of the landscape, light and personality of West Texas. The photograph is named after the 1956 film, Giant, starring James Dean as a rancher turned oil tycoon. This photograph depicts a decaying drive-in movie theater, a subject Smith has been continually drawn to in McCamey, Texas. Allison V. Smith (b. 1970) graduated from Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas with B.A. Journalism, 1993. Lives in Dallas, Texas.



Established to provide intellectual and social nourishment to their members, Alma offers a place to work, meet, dine and socialize. The five-story structure includes dedicated work areas, rooms for meetings and collaboration, a state of the art music studio, an outdoor terrace, a bar, and communal and private dining spaces.


Andrea Rodella

Executive Chef

Born in the countryside of North East Italy, Chef Andrea has over two decades of culinary experience. His journey began with an internship at the Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon, France, where he trained in classical French culinary techniques. In his career, Chef Andrea has had the opportunity to work alongside some of the most prestigious chefs including Giancarlo Perbellini, Gionata Bignotti and Vera Caffini.

Before joining the Park House Team, Chef Andrea held executive positions at several highly-acclaimed restaurants including Piccolo Ristorante, Vivoli Cage & Trattoria, Ristorante Giallo Zucca and most recently, Olivella, located at Ojai Valley Inn. After just one year into his role as Chef de Cuisine, Olivella became the first and only restaurant between Los Angeles and San Francisco to be awarded the AAA Five Diamonds and Forbes' Four-Star rating.


Brady Wood


With over twenty-five years of restaurant, entertainment and real estate development experience, Brady has founded a wide variety of start-up and institutional investment ventures. In 2013, he created WoodHouse, a food & beverage, hospitality, sports advisory and investment firm. Current projects include The Star, Dallas Cowboys' new $1.5B world headquarters, a hotel redevelopment and two master-planned community centers. Brady has current ownership stakes in José restaurant (Dallas), Bare Knuckle Brewery (Chicago), Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival (Nashville) and Park House (Highland Park). Previously, Brady founded and co-managed a real estate private equity firm that deployed over $250M. Brady graduated from SMU where he is a frequent guest lecturer and has helped create and/or served on a variety of TIF, PID and YPO boards.


Brian Bress

Sunset Peacock, 2018

Brian Bress is a Los Angeles based artist and filmmaker who creates absurd, circular narrative films driven by the circumstances of a bizarre cast of ridiculously costumed characters, more often than not played by Bress himself. Though they rely predominantly on homemade props and costumes, Bress’s videos are visually innovative and their inherent silliness and rambling pace only serve to intensify the examination of assumptions about the nature of reality. He is also known for his collage-like portraits that feature costumed actors wearing strange masks that obscure their faces. By disguising the identities of the sitters, Bress heightens the level of uncertainty in the work to humorous levels. Brian Bress (b. 1975) received a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and a MFA from University of California, Los Angeles.


Charlie Billingham

A Well Deserved Break

Park House opened it's doors and showcased British painter, Charlie Billingham, and his unique art work that was featured in our rotating art gallery from December 2018 through October 2019. 

Charlie Billingham takes imagery from Regency-era satirical prints and drawings, cropping and distorting sections to create new compositions, devoid of the intended political and social meanings of the original illustrations. A rainbow of powdered wigs, plumed bonnets, sagging britches, and full-figured bottoms dance across his paintings. The canvases, which are sometimes hinged together to make folding screens, are often hung on block printed wall paintings and alongside colorful painted plant pots and houseplants, to create decorative, domestic interiors. Charlie Billingham (b. 1984, London) studied Fine Art and History of Art in Edinburgh (2008) and then Fine Art at the Royal Academy Schools in London (2013).


Danielle Kimzey

Grouping Pairs, 2016

Danielle Kimzey finds an interest in her experience of time—not in a grand, scientific manner, but rather in the quiet, often overlooked moments that marks her daily existence. “My paintings explore the role of patterns and how they can orient us in a space, give hindsight to an experience or recall a memory. I build and reconfigure mundane structures or patterns and break them open until chaos and order intersect, accidents reveal possibilities of color, line and space, and a greater significance unfolds.” Danielle Kimzey (b. 1980) received an MFA in Painting from the University of Iowa and a BFA in Drawing from Southern Methodist University. Lives in Dallas, Texas.


David Korty

Commission, 2018

David Korty is gaining significant critical attention for his lush, luminous mixed media paintings of Los Angeles, city of his home and inspiration. “It is a place that you can live in for 50 years and still never really grasp it in its fullness,” he has said. A twenty-first century flâneur, Korty drives the city’s freeways and avenues, losing himself in its urban fabric, taking snapshots of everyday scenes played out among people, architecture, sidewalks, and streets. He transforms these photographs into expressionistic, semi-abstract paintings, using a stylistic vocabulary all of his own. Korty treats the language as an aesthetic tool. These works were commissioned exclusively for the Park House collection using deconstructed text that directly alludes to Park House’s values. David Korty (b. 1971, San Francisco) received his M.F.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles, and his B.F.A. from the Rhode Island School of Design.


Deborah Scott


A native of New Zealand, Deborah has lived in the United States for twenty-five years, including twelve in Dallas. She brings extensive marketing, public relations and branding experience to the Park House team, having held marketing positions with resorts in Asia, brand manager and event director roles at Walt Disney World and vice president of the consumer public relations team at Weber Shandwick. While residing in Dallas, Deborah was active in many local charities including Cattle Baron's Ball, TACA, Dallas Children's Theater, Hero's for Childrent and the Dallas Museum of Art. Deborah and John are members of several private, social members clubs in London, including Soho House, 5 Hertfold, The Arts Club and House of Barnabas.


Ed Ruscha

News, Mews, Pews, Brews, Stews & Dues

Quintessentially American, Ed Ruscha is an L.A. based artist whose work, like California itself, is both geographically rooted and a metaphor for an American state of mind. Ruscha is a deft creator of photography, film, painting, drawing, prints and artist books, whose works are simultaneously unexpected and familiar, both ironic and sincere. His most iconic works are by turns poetic and deadpan, incorporating epigrammatic texts with nods to advertising copy, juxtaposed with imagery that is either cinematic and sublime, or wryly deadpan. Whether the subject is his iconic standard gas station or the Hollywood sign, a parking lot or highway, his works are a distillation of American idealism, echoing the expansive Western landscape and optimism unique to postwar America. Ruscha produced News, Mews, Pews, Brew, Stews & Dues during an extended stay in London. To make each print Ruscha and Lyn Haywood would purchase unorthodox materials from grocery stores such as blackcurrants, Bolognese, chocolate syrup, axle grease, baked beans and Branston Pickle and use them as materials to print. A clue to the hidden meaning in the work can be found in his selection of the Beans. Heinz Baked Beans are considered to be quintessentially British, however they were produced in the United States from 1901 until 1928.The unfamiliarity of the words combined with the strange materials highlights Ruscha’s status as an alien observer in the UK but also how our assumptions about a subject, word or material does not always match its reality. Ed Ruscha (b. 1937, Omaha, Nebraska) attended the Chouinard Art Institute (now California Institute of the Arts), Los Angeles, from 1956 to 1960.


Fitler Club

Fitler Club is the only lifestyle club designed and built for Philadelphia’s growing community of business, creative, and social leaders. Dine & socialize in the club's world-class restaurants & bars, train in The Field House, network in The Study or celebrate life’s most important moments in their one-of-a-kind event spaces.


Francisco Moreno

Commission, 2018

Francisco Moreno is an abstract painter and performance artist. His approach to abstraction stems from his interest in dazzle camouflage, also known as dazzle painting a system for camouflaging ships during World War I. "Dazzle painting" consisted of complex patterns of geometric shapes in constrating colors, interrupting and intersecting each other. Interestingly, unlike other forms of camouflage the intention of dazzle is not to conceal but to make it difficult to estimate a target's range, speed, and heading. Francisco Moreno (b. 1986, Mexico City) completed his Bachelors in Fine art at the University of Texas in Arlington in 2010 and a Masters in Fine Art from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2012. Lives in Dallas, Texas.


Gilbert & George

Art for All

Gilbert & George are a fascinating collaborative duo based in East London. With the creed "Art for All," they have engaged and stunned the world with their peculiar performance pieces and vibrant photo-collage work.  

The pair met while studying at St. Martin's School of Art, and have lived together as "living sculptures" ever since. Their performance art piece, The Singing Sculpture, put them on the map in 1969. Since then, the two have functioned as one artist, and are known for large-scale photography, often working in bold colors and black grids. 

Rarely seen apart, and almost always in matching suits, Gilbert & George's relevancy extends beyond the art world. They have inspired comic book series and their work has been a favorite collectable of David Bowie.  In 2008, they were listed among the best dressed men over 50 in The Guardian. This year, they released a collaboration with the brand, Supreme

Their work is featured in The Art Institute of Chicago, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Museum of Modern Art, New York, Tate Gallery, London, and all around the world.  

All Gilbert & George artwork is available for purchase from Lehmann Maupin Gallery. Prices available upon request.

Please contact for more information.

Click here for artwork specifications.


h Club - London

Located in the heart of Covent Garden for the creative industries, the seven story building houses a TV studio, an art Gallery, a variety of restaurants, lounges and terraces well as a 36 seater screening room, live performance space and 15 boutique hotel rooms. 


h Club - Los Angeles

Recently opened in the spring and sister to the h Club in London, this exclusive club in Hollywood targets those in the creative industries. Featuring 5 floors of dining, bars, working and entertainment space, the Club enables its members to connect, collaborate and create, in addition to boutique hotel rooms and a pool and terrace bar. 


John Scott


John Scott is an experienced leader in the hospitality and leisure industry with more than twenty-five years of consumer facing business expertise across complex global, multi-unit, multi-brand enterprises. Most recently heserved as CEO of Belmond Ltd. (NYSE: BEL), previously Orient-Express Hotels, engaged in the ownership andmanagement of a global portfolio of luxury hotel, restaurant, tourist train and cruise businesses. Prior to joiningBelmond, he served as CEO of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, a global luxury hotel management company. He serves as a director for publicly traded Cedar Fair Entertainment (NYSE: FUN), a leading amusement park owner and operator, and is currently a Senior Advisor and Operating Partner with TPG Capital, where he chairs one of their hospitality related operating companies. He is an active member of YPO and a former director of Kimpton Hotels and of SMU’s Cox School of Business. John holds an MBA from Harvard and a B.A. from Dartmouth College


John Pomara

Divorce Court, 2007

John Pomara incorporates various technological platforms into his work to reflect our unconscious immersion in the digital world. His abstract paintings depict blurs, glitches, and printing imperfections, contradicting our vision of modern technology as cold, rational, and without error. Pomara describes his work as “multiplatform painting interfacing with social media while incorporating apps, photos on my iPhone, glitching software and Photoshop.” Entropy and mechanical failure are prevalent themes within his work. In his endeavors to visually represent these errors he utilizes printers, copy machines and the Internet. Even the medium upon which he works is evocative of his underlying message, the industrial surfaces of the aluminum panels complimenting and enhancing his artistic vision. There are many who would argue that making mistakes is part of the creative process, and Pomara's work in part adheres to this sentiment, oftentimes inspired by the paint drips and spills that landed on the newspaper covering his studio floor. John Pomara (b. 1952) received an MFA and a BFA from East Texas State University. Lives in Dallas, Texas.


Josh Madans

Director of Programming

With a hospitality background spanning over 15 years, Josh was the visionary force behind memorable advertising, marketing, sales and publicity campaigns for companies in the special event, retail, and fashion industries. He has worked for notable companies such as Todd Events, Avant Garden, Rest + Revolution Public Relations and Billy Baker Co. Josh and his family reside in Dallas, TX. He and his wife Tracy, have two children including their son Baker, 12 and daughter Gigi, 9.


Kenyon Price

General Manager

Kenyon is an accomplished hospitality executive with broad international experience at opening and operating numerous luxury hotels, resorts and restaurants at the highest level. He has created and opened some of the world's most celebrated resort properties and restaurants and worked in executive positions at Rosewood Hotels, St. Regis, Timbers Resorts and most recently Harwood International's restaurants. Kenyon has a strong connection with Italy, where he opened the Palazzo Arzaga Resort, Spa and Golf Cl ub, served as Managing Director of the St. Regis Grand Hotel in Rome and most recently Hotel Castello di Castle, which has quickly become one of Italy's finest resorts.

Kenyon and his family currently reside in Frisco, Texas. He and his wife, Jill, a Texas native, have two children including their son, Holland, 13; and daughter, Jameson, 11. The Price's had the pleasure of living in Italy for several years, where the  immersed themselves in the authentic lifestyle and cuisine. Kenyon and his family are looking forward to this new chapter in their lives and being a part of the Dallas community for many years to come


Kristin Skees

Alan Gradient II, 2017

Skees’ artwork combines traditional women’s craft, contemporary DIY culture, and a love of the unexpected and absurd. In her Cozy Portraits, Skees creates custom cozies for her subjects, who are often close friends and family. Like an ill-fitting handmade sweater, the cozies are about the claustrophobia and absurdity of relationships. Kristin Skees (b. 1980) received a BFA from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, an MFA from the University of Arizona, and a MLIS from the University of Alabama. Lives in Newport News, Virginia.


Marilyn Minter

Pop, 2008

Since the 1980s Marilyn Minter has turned her exacting style to sensual subjects such as food, the female body, and the pornography industry. A critical backlash against her explicitly sexual work forced Minter to question the origin of the public’s discomfort with the body and sexuality. She was drawn toward ubiquitous, lascivious—yet not lewd— imagery in popular culture, especially in the fashion world. Minter at first set out to reinvigorate the tropes of fashion photography through fine art, but the juxtaposition of in-your-face beauty with down-and-dirty reality ultimately became her focus. She appropriates the vocabulary of fashion and beauty, and then mars the photoshopped flawlessness and color palette of contemporary advertising with sweat, spit, hair, and dirt. Marilyn Minter (b. 1948 Shreveport, Louisiana) received a BA in 1970 from the University of Florida at Gainesville and an MFA in 1972 from Syracuse University, New York. Lives in New York.


Matt Kleberg

Soapbox, 2017

Matt Kleberg’s paintings of abstracted passages in the form of distorted prosceniums and archways are largely built using oil sticks, which he uses to lay down brightly hued stripes and concentric shapes in cacophonous colors. Structurally, the artist’s engaging, decorative images walk a line between architectural volume and painterly flatness, paying tribute to one of his chief influences, Frank Stella. However, while acknowledging his debt to Stella, Kleberg takes exception to one of Stella’s most famous statements what you see is what you see.” In contrast, Kleberg believes we can’t escape the world. It is our visual vocabulary.” Matt Kleberg (b. 1985 Kingsville, Texas) received his BA from the University of Virginia in 2008 and his MFA from the Pratt Institute in 2015. Lives in Brooklyn, New York.


Maxmilian Schubert

Untitled, 2018

Maximilian Schubert’s paintings draw on a millennia-old process similar to lost wax casting as a means to fundamentally alter the nature of the painterly object. Schubert’s strokes necessitate the removal of material rather than its addition as in a conventional painting; the gouges and alterations of the picture plane result in tense overlays of high and low relief that blur distinctions between surface, support and gesture. Cast in archival polyurethane and fiberglass and finished with trompe l’oeil brushwork, these paintings are a kind of fugitive from sculpture that reimagines the painting as object. Maximilian Schubert (b. 1983) studied at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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