John Pomara

Divorce Court, 2007

John Pomara incorporates various technological platforms into his work to reflect our unconscious immersion in the digital world. His abstract paintings depict blurs, glitches, and printing imperfections, contradicting our vision of modern technology as cold, rational, and without error. Pomara describes his work as “multiplatform painting interfacing with social media while incorporating apps, photos on my iPhone, glitching software and Photoshop.” Entropy and mechanical failure are prevalent themes within his work. In his endeavors to visually represent these errors he utilizes printers, copy machines and the Internet. Even the medium upon which he works is evocative of his underlying message, the industrial surfaces of the aluminum panels complimenting and enhancing his artistic vision. There are many who would argue that making mistakes is part of the creative process, and Pomara's work in part adheres to this sentiment, oftentimes inspired by the paint drips and spills that landed on the newspaper covering his studio floor. John Pomara (b. 1952) received an MFA and a BFA from East Texas State University. Lives in Dallas, Texas.

Divorce Court, 2007

Oil on enamel on aluminum

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