Night Gallery's "Double Portrait" exhibition by Andy Woll

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Exhibition Overview - Night Gallery Present's "Double Portraitby Andy Woll
May 21 – October 1, 2021

Night Gallery is pleased to present "Double Portrait", an exhibition of new paintings by Andy Woll at Park House in Dallas, Texas.

Andy Woll is a Los-Angeles based artist known for spirited, gestural paintings featuring thick applications of oil paint. Across his body of work he has revisited straightforward subjects – including Los Angeles’ Mt. Wilson, horses, and standing chairs – which through his repeated depictions become contexts for evolving explorations of color and form. Made alongside works of pure abstraction, Woll’s paintings push at the limit of representation, masterfully reigning his seemingly spontaneous brushwork into figuration.

Recent iterations of Woll’s series have found the artist incorporating passages from historic works of art hidden within his paintings of mountains and horses, layering both illusions and allusions within deceptively simple compositions. With playful elegance, these works collapse the lineage of oil painting within singular images, hearkening back to the Old Masters while employing formal strategies out of Modernism. In conversation with the heavy viscosity of Woll’s brushstrokes, which add inches of depth to the painting’s surface, the works become testaments to the history of oil paint not only as a tool of representation but also as a material itself. In his ongoing series we can find the artist delighting in the medium of paint, uncovering new and revelatory possibilities through the act of repetition.

About the Artist...
Andy Woll lives and works in Los Angeles. He has exhibited work at Denny Dimin Gallery, New York, NY; Wilding Cran Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; Blum and Poe, Los Angeles, CA; Rachel Uffner Gallery, New York, NY and others. His work has been featured in Cultured Magazine, Artnet, Two Coats of Paint among others. He is represented by Night Gallery.

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Arno, 2021

oil on linen
72 x 88 in (182.9 x 223.5 cm)

Duncan, 2021

oil on linen
18 x 26 in (45.7 x 66 cm)

Leopold, 2021

oil on linen
11 x 14 in (27.9 x 35.6 cm)

Mt. Wilson (Arno I), 2021

oil on linen
54 x 37 5/8 in (137.2 x 95.6 cm)

Mt. Wilson (Las Meninas XI), 2020

oil on linen
54 x 37 5/8 in (137.2 x 95.6 cm)

Mt. Wilsons I, 2020

oil and acrylic on paper
20 1/2 x 14 1/2 in (52.1 x 36.8 cm)

Mt. Wilsons III, 2020

oil and acrylic on paper
Each panel: 22 3/4 x 16 3/4 in (57.8 x 42.6 cm)


Deep in the Art of Texas

Rotating Exhibitions

Exhibition Overview - Deep in the Art of Texas
We were delighted to have Donald Robertson’s tongue-in-cheek, humorous art grace the walls and halls of Park House for his first show in Dallas. Our collaboration with the noted pop artist, prolific Instagram star and illustrator, enlivened the walls as you entered Park House. Donald recently moved his family to Highland Park from Southern California. Within a few short months, he has entrenched himself in the culture and subtleties of Texas and Dallas. 

Donald’s show featured various elements including his works on canvas, illustrations directly on the walls and large-scale sculptures. And for this show only, we created an “Instagram Photo” opportunity! Be sure to follow Donald on Instagram at @drawbertson. PH hosted a programming event were Donald chatted with PH co-founder, Deborah Scott, about his inspirations behind the Park House show and the wide breadth of art works he creates out of anything from an old basketball, vintage canvases and oil drums. Donald’s works were also available for purchase right off the walls. A percentage of the sale of each piece benefited our soon to be launched Park House Foundation, PHoundation. More information to follow on this exciting charity endeavor.

Now a word from the Artist...Donald's Vision:
“Happy April Fools!” The perfect day to open a show of my work. I pride myself on being foolish. I love making ridiculous things. “Funny Art” - not just because people who know better told me not to. Oh no. I explained it this way...I like my work to be “tongue in chic”. That explains what I do perfectly. Stupid I know. Google if you will my first solo show I did in Paris at Colette. It was during French Fashion week. I had been invited by Madam Colette herself to show my Portraits I make out of Walnuts. The show was called #fashionisnuts! It was so stupid and so genius at the same time. I’ll never forget Planters peanuts executives tried to contact me after because they said it’s hard to get high end fashion press for nuts! I proved them wrong.

People in California said I was crazy for moving to Texas. That was in December 2020. I got here in January 2021 and my wife, Kim, and I immediately landed on a bar sofa in Park House. We had the best night. Deborah asked me to lunch the next day. She had me sign one of the last copies of my (sold out) book. Then, we came up with the idea to let me art bomb the joint. The front part!!! I am thrilled to have the blank walls to share all my latest work. Inspired by my very long drive to Texas. I drove a dog and my middle son, Ted. Kim and the other two flew. It was a great trip and sparked something in me very deeply. Now the broker that sold me our house in Highland Park says all his appointments these days are showing people from California houses for sale. Ha! Who is the genius now!!! 

I’m sorry my Assouline coffee table book sold out. I would love to have it at Park House. I got a coffee table book of all my work because I was painting my name on their other covers and they asked me to stop. So, I got my own book. See how smart it is to do dumb things. Did I mention it sold out? Texas is a world into itself. Diana Vreeland said 'the eye has to travel.'  She was right. I have a lobby stuffed with inspired art to prove it."

About the Artist...
Canadian-born Robertson attended the Ontario College of Art and Design. He provided creative direction for the launch of MAC Cosmetics and later moved to New York City to work for Condé Nast, where he launched Marie Claire magazine.  In 2007, Donald started as a creative director at Esteé Lauder Companies on brands such as Smashbox, Bobbi Brown, and Bergdorf Goodman, including launching Flirt Cosmetics, Amber Rose.

In 2014, Robertson completed an artist-in-residency at Eric Firestone Gallery. He then joined Instagram and began to call himself " Donald Drawbertson", posting images of his work to all of his followers. He now has 220,000 loyal Instagram followers who purchase his creations from his daily postings. In 2014, Robertson was recognized by the CFDA and was nominated for "Instagrammer of the Year."

Also, an author, Robertson published and released his first children's book Mitford at the Fashion Zoo, in 2015, which follows Mitford the giraffe on his adventures at COVER magazine in the New York City fashion industry, what Robertson dubs the zoo. In September 2017 Donald published Donald: The Book with Assouline Publishing. Donald: The Book features many pieces from his collection and "playful anecdotes and quotes from industry leaders, fashion designers, and his many collaborators and muses. 

Over the years, Robertson has collaborated with various brands and companies and just launched a collab with Max Mara Weekend. Robertson's most recent charity collaboration was with Bloomingdales, designing a sweater of which a portion of profits benefitted the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

Armadillo Soccer

Framed 51x51

August in Texas!!!


Be A Unicorn

Cowbougie - SOLD

3ft Circle Canvas


45" canvas

Haute Cowture - SOLD


High Fashion is CHEESY

21.5 x 25.5

Mustang Sally - SOLD

6x6 Canvas

Neiman Marcus - SOLD


46' Canvas

Skull 1.2.3.

20 x 20 Canvas


Tesla La La

82x63 Sculpture

Tex Mex Queen

Texas Caviar



Park House Fall/Winter 2020 Exhibition

Rotating Exhibitions


Exhibition Overview
Park House's Fall/Winter 2020 exhibition showcased works from its members’ collections, highlighting the work of six women artists. Concepts of deconstruction were explored for this exhibition. By taking a deconstructive approach, in which not one single meaning can be found in a work, but rather many and often conflicting, we were able to discover and better understand underlying and perhaps unspoken thematics and frameworks. We opened the work for interpretation by observation. In each of these works the viewer was only privy to a moment in time, to the equivalent of a film still in a feature film. An instance with endless possibilities, with uncertain beginnings and endings. The placement of the works in the exhibition aimed to provoke a desire to investigate what is not apparent at first glance and produce — rather than presume — meaning to the works and also to place them in conversation with one another. Members were invited to spend time with each piece, to look closely and often. 

The exhibition was curated by Dallas Contemporary’s Deputy Director, Carolina Alvarez-Mathies.

Participating Artists and Member Collections

From the collection of Erin Cluley and Tearlach Hutcheson and the Park House Collection, Katherine Bradford from the collection of Lisa and John Runyon, Sara Cardona from the collection of Carolina Alvarez-Mathies, Michelle Grabner from the collection of Mark Giambrone, Marilyn Minter from the collection of Deborah and John Scott, and Lorna Simpson from the collection of Nancy C. Rogers.

About our Guest Curator: 

We were thrilled to announce Carolina Alvarez-Mathies as guest curator for the Fall/Winter 2020 Park House exhibition. Carolina is a Salvadoran arts professional who recently joined Dallas Contemporary as Deputy Director. Carolina sits on the Board of Directors of Y.ES Contemporary, dedicated to supporting and developing contemporary art in her native El Salvador and beyond. She is a Fellow of the fourteenth class of the Central America Leadership Initiative, a part of Aspen Institute's Global Leadership Network. Most recently, Carolina served as El Salvador’s Ambassador on Special Mission for Cultural Affairs and is former Director of External Affairs at Creative Time, and Head of Communications at El Museo del Barrio.  She is an alum of Texas Christian University.

Circular Thinking

Digital print on aluminum dibond
72 x 51.5 in
Loaned by Carolina Alvarez-Mathies

Darkened Staircase

Ink and acrylic on gessoed aluminum and fiberglass board
67 x 50 in
Loaned by Nancy C. Rogers


30 x 24 in
Loaned by Deborah & John Scott

Should I Tell Em?

Sewing and charcoal on cloth
32.5 x 30 in
Loaned by Erin Cluley & Tearlach Hutcheson


Sewing and charcoal on layered cloth
40 x 29.5 in
Loaned by Park House Collection


48 in round
Loaned by Mark Giambrone


48 in round
Loaned by Mark Giambrone

White Wave

Acrylic on canvas
46 x 28 in
Loaned by John & Lisa Runyon


Gilbert & George

Art for All

Gilbert & George are a fascinating collaborative duo based in East London. With the creed "Art for All," they have engaged and stunned the world with their peculiar performance pieces and vibrant photo-collage work.  

The pair met while studying at St. Martin's School of Art, and have lived together as "living sculptures" ever since. Their performance art piece, The Singing Sculpture, put them on the map in 1969. Since then, the two have functioned as one artist, and are known for large-scale photography, often working in bold colors and black grids. 

Rarely seen apart, and almost always in matching suits, Gilbert & George's relevancy extends beyond the art world. They have inspired comic book series and their work has been a favorite collectable of David Bowie.  In 2008, they were listed among the best dressed men over 50 in The Guardian. This year, they released a collaboration with the brand, Supreme

Their work is featured in The Art Institute of Chicago, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Museum of Modern Art, New York, Tate Gallery, London, and all around the world.  

All Gilbert & George artwork is available for purchase from Lehmann Maupin Gallery.

Church, 2011

mixed media

E II R Bear, 2009

mixed media

Fantasy Island, 2009

mixed media

Flag At 10, 2009

mixed media

Numbers 8 & 139, 2009

mixed media

Playboy, 2011

mixed media

Sex Beast, 2011

mixed media

Tarts, 2009

mixed media

Taxi & Bus, 2009

mixed media


Charlie Billingham

A Well Deserved Break

Park House opened it's doors and showcased British painter, Charlie Billingham, and his unique art work that was featured in our rotating art gallery from December 2018 through October 2019. 

Charlie Billingham takes imagery from Regency-era satirical prints and drawings, cropping and distorting sections to create new compositions, devoid of the intended political and social meanings of the original illustrations. A rainbow of powdered wigs, plumed bonnets, sagging britches, and full-figured bottoms dance across his paintings. The canvases, which are sometimes hinged together to make folding screens, are often hung on block printed wall paintings and alongside colorful painted plant pots and houseplants, to create decorative, domestic interiors. Charlie Billingham (b. 1984, London) studied Fine Art and History of Art in Edinburgh (2008) and then Fine Art at the Royal Academy Schools in London (2013).

A Well Deserved Break, 2018

Oil on linen

Blockbuster, 2018

Oil on linen

Mr. Penny, 2018

Oil on linen 

Mrs. Pepys, 2018

Oil on linen

No Offence, 2018

Oil on linen 

Royal Rumble, 2018

Oil on linen

Strawberry Split, 2018

Oil on linen

Tight Rope, 2018

Oil on linen

Untitled, 2018

Oil on linen 

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