Hexton Gallery: Right Place by Marcos Acosta

Marcos Acosta has been exploring the traditional genre of landscape painting for 20 years. As a native of Córdoba, Argentina, he absorbs and digests the visual aspects of his territory with an exquisite level of detail, questioning the relationship between men and nature through his irreverent geometries. This recent collection of paintings follows on the heals of his last institutional exhibition Outside the Wind, Inside The World  and addresses the universal connection that lies beneath everything that is.

Acosta explores the notion that, at a subatomic level, humans are made of the same elements as everything around us. As such, the artist finds himself in the natural elements that he portrays and offers us an opportunity to do the same. These works propose an integration with nature, not a separation from it, and in so doing erases the tension between culture and nature. The places he depicts in his works are outside of any specific physical space and instead formed by an echo or a dream, further uniting us and the landscape. The Right Place is no place and every place, encompassing a common essence that is, at its core, simply light.

Born in Cordóba, Argentina in 1980, Marcos developed his artistic activity in multiple fields, mainly painting, drawing, engraving and sculpture. He began his studies at the age of 10 and attended different private workshops, alternating with stages of self-taught production until the age of 16. In 1998, he began his studies at the Faculty of Arts of the National University of Cordóba, Argentina, from which he graduated with a BA in Painting. Between 1998 and 2000, he attended the workshop of master artist Carlos Peiteado, with whom he further perfected his drawing, painting and composition. Since 2001, Acosta has had over 35 solo exhibitions, more than 115 collective exhibitions and has received several awards and honors in Argentina. Acosta’s work is represented in many private collections and public art institutions around the world.

Hexton Gallery was founded by Bob Chase in 1995 and expanded upon the Chase family’s long-standing role in gallery development, artist representation, and extensive work in 20th century master prints and figurative sculpture. The gallery originated at 78th and Madison on New York’s Upper East Side, and relocated to Chicago several years later. The gallery’s archive, art production, and marketing teams reside in Chicago, while the main gallery now operates at its Cooper Avenue location in Aspen, Colorado. Hexton has produced over two hundred exhibitions internationally in the last twenty-five years, both solo and in collaboration with other gallery partners. The gallery continues to participate extensively in domestic and international art fairs in support of its mid-career and established artists.

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After the Storm lll, 2022

oil on canvas
59 x 80 in
150 x 197.6 cm
(MA 086)

Blue Night lll, 2022

oil on canvas
51 1/4 x 37 1/4 in
130.2 x 94.8 cm
(MA 084)

Duality lll & Duality IV, 2022

oil on canvas
18 x 21 1/4 inches, each
(MA 109)

Great Invader, 2022

oil on canvas
51 x 38 in
129.7 x 96 cm
(MA 081)

Red Thought, 2022

oil on canvas
59 x 78 in
149.8 x 197.4 cm
(MA 079)

Right Place, 2022

oil on canvas
53 x 39
135 x 99.5 cm
(MA 078)

Signal, 2021

oil on canvas
59 x 77 1/2 in
149.8 x 197 cm
(MA 076)

Who Knows What is This, 2022

47 1/2 x 46 in
120.5 x 117 cm
(MA 077)

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