Steve Wrubel

California Photographer Steve Wrubel uses the things we see around us to celebrate their unique character, power and beauty by creating images that beg the viewer to look more closely at their unique essence.  A stand of Aspen trees separated from their background to draw attention to the particular beauty of the tree.  Three young dreamers on a wooden RIVA in Amalfi showing the viewer what it really feels like to be on top of the world.  A solitary windmill and a dirt road, shrouded in a morning fog shows us what it actually feels like to be in the west, alone and on a ranch, awaiting the day. A solitary Saguaro cactus in Neon Pink stands against a turquoise sky reminding the viewer of the patience and the steadfastness of the mighty, desert Sentinel.

His is a curation of the Art Monitors throughout the club and is constantly changing with new additions so make sure to take a look for something new when you come to visit. He is also known for his large scale works on Paper, Acrylic and Aluminum.

Steve Wrubel (b. U.S.A) received his undergraduate degree from the University of California at Berkeley (1992) and a Masters in Fine Art at the Brooks Institute in California (1995).

Steve Wrubel

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